Nikos Ignatiadis

Hi! I am Nikos. I am an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics and the Data Science Institute at the University of Chicago. I am interested in empirical Bayes methods, causal inference, multiple testing and statistical analysis in the presence of contextual side information, and my research often draws upon nonparametrics and convex optimization.

Previously, I was a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia Statistics. I received my PhD in Stanford's Statistics department in the summer of 2022, advised by Stefan Wager. Before that, I received degrees in Mathematics (BSc), Molecular Biotechnology (BSc) and Scientific Computing (MSc) at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. There, I worked with Wolfgang Huber at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

I am an associate editor for Biometrika and a co-organizer of the International Seminar on Selective Inference (with Will Fithian, Jelle Goeman, Lihua Lei, and Zhimei Ren).

Please feel free to reach out if we may share research interests! You can find me on Github, Twitter and Google Scholar or email me at A copy of my CV is available here.