Nikos Ignatiadis

Publications and Preprints

Statistical methodology: Empirical Bayes

  1. Ignatiadis, N., & Lolas, P. (2020). Group-regularized ridge regression via empirical Bayes noise level cross-validation.
    [arXiv][software and reproduction code]

  2. Ignatiadis, N., & Wager, S. (2019). Bias-Aware Confidence Intervals for Empirical Bayes Analysis.
    [arXiv][reproduction code][software]

  3. Ignatiadis, N., Saha, S., Sun D. L., & Muralidharan, O. (2019). Empirical Bayes mean estimation with nonparametric errors via order statistic regression.
    [arXiv][reproduction code]

  4. Ignatiadis, N., & Wager, S. (2019). Covariate-Powered Empirical Bayes Estimation. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 32 (NeurIPS 2019).
    [conference][arXiv][poster][reproduction code][software]

Statistical methodology: Multiple testing

  1. Ignatiadis, N., & Huber, W. (2018). Covariate powered cross-weighted multiple testing.
    [arXiv][reproduction code][software]

  2. Ignatiadis, N., Klaus, B., Zaugg, J. B., & Huber, W. (2016). Data-driven hypothesis weighting increases detection power in genome-scale multiple testing. Nature methods, 13(7), 577.
    [journal][reproduction code][software]

Statistical methodology: Causal inference

  1. Eckles, D., Ignatiadis, N., Wager, S., & Wu, H. (2020). Noise-Induced Randomization in Regression Discontinuity Designs

Applied Collaborations

  1. Karacosta, L. G., Anchang, B., Ignatiadis, N., Kimmey, S. C., Benson, J. A., Shrager, J. B., Tibshirani, R., Bendall, S.C. & Plevritis, S. K. (2019). Mapping lung cancer epithelial-mesenchymal transition states and trajectories with single-cell resolution. Nature communications, 10, 5887.
    [journal][bioRxiv][reproduction code]

  2. Beer, R., Herbst, K., Ignatiadis, N., Kats, I., Adlung, L., Meyer, H., Niopek, D., Christiansen, T., Georgi, F., Kurzawa, N., Meichsner, J., Rabe, S., Riedel, A., Sachs, J., Schessner, J., Schmidt, F., Walch, P., Niopek, K., Heinemann, T., Eils, R., & Di Ventura, B. (2014). Creating functional engineered variants of the single-module non-ribosomal peptide synthetase IndC by T domain exchange. Molecular BioSystems, 10(7), 1709-1718.


  1. IHW: A R/Bioconductor package implementing the Independent Hypothesis Weighting method.

  2. IHWpaper: A package reproducing all analyses for the Independent Hypothesis Weighting publications.

  3. SmoothingSplines.jl: A statistical package for nonparametric regression via Smoothing Splines in Julia.

  4. EBayes.jl: A Julia package that implements the empirical Bayes with cross-fitting method (EBCF).