Nikos Ignatiadis

Lecture Notes

These lecture notes accompanied the course GR8201, “Topics in Theoretical Statistics: Empirical Bayes” that was taught at the Department of Statistics, Columbia University in Spring 2023 together with Bodhisattva Sen. These lecture notes are preliminary (not polished/carefully proofread at this point) and we would welcome any feedback on them!

Courses as Instructor at UChicago Statistics

SemesterCourseCourse Title
Autumn 2023STAT 34300Applied Linear Statistical Methods
Winter 2024STAT 41551Empirical Bayes

Courses as Instructor at Columbia Statistics

SemesterCourseCourse Title
Spring 2023Statistics GR8201Topics in Theoretical Statistics: Empirical Bayes

Courses as Instructor at Stanford Statistics

QuarterCourseCourse Title
Summer 2020STATS 302Applied Statistics PhD Qualifying Exam Workshop

Courses as Teaching Assistant at Stanford Statistics

QuarterCourseCourse TitleInstructor
Spring 2021STATS 315BModern Applied Statistics: Data MiningJerome Friedman
Spring 2020STATS 361Causal InferenceStefan Wager
Winter 2020STATS 305BApplied Statistics IIJonathan Taylor
Fall 2019STATS 366 (BIOS 221)Modern Statistics for Modern BiologySusan Holmes & Wolfgang Huber
Winter 2019STATS 315AModern Applied Statistics: LearningTrevor Hastie
Fall 2018STATS 300ATheory of Statistics IAndrea Montanari
Summer 2018STATS 366 (BIOS 221)Modern Statistics for Modern BiologySusan Holmes
Spring 2018STATS 218Introduction to Stochastic Processes IISourav Chatterjee
Winter 2018STATS 290Computing for Data ScienceBalasubramanian Narasimhan & John Chambers
Fall 2017STATS 305AIntroduction to Statistical ModelingJulia Palacios
Summer 2017STATS 366 (BIOS 221)Modern Statistics for Modern BiologySusan Holmes & Wolfgang Huber
Winter 2017STATS 191Introduction to Applied StatisticsJonathan Taylor
Fall 2016STATS 141 (BIOS 141)BiostatisticsRajarshi Mukherjee

Teaching Awards